Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Day

The door bursts open and three men in mask's carrying shotguns and pistols enter screaming "Get on the floor now motherfuckers or you're dead." They quickly run out the door as fast as they came in.
It is day one of the police training academy. The instructor say's "Okay describe what just happened in detail, sex, race, clothing, weapons, everything." The descriptions vary greatly as each recruit attempts to recall specifics. The lesson? Be observant to detail, stay calm when the shit hits the fan.
It has been a long day. The recruits are treated as if it is military boot camp. They march as a group. The instructors yell at any misstep or mistake. Those recruits that are former military take it in stride. It is actually not even close to a real boot camp but the civilians don't know that. The classes are really no more than instructors telling war stories of their experiences and exploits, physical training, and how to write a report.
By the end of the day we are told a female recruit resigned without even making it to the lunch break. I am surprised at how much fun it was. I am looking forward to this.
This was twenty seven years ago. I still am surprised at how much fun it was and still is.
Every day.


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